June 23, 2021

40 Of The Most Effective Push Notification Templates

Push notifications are one of the most effective tools for e-commerce websites and apps. Here are 40 push notification templates to help you up your game.
push notification templates
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Push notifications are one of the smartest marketing tools for any e-commerce business. Like all other marketing channels, you need to use it the right way to reap its benefits. Using the right templates can help you make sure that you are sending relevant, personalized, and concise push notifications that have a clear call to action.

Studies show that 43% of users disable push notifications for an app after receiving 2 to 5 notifications a week. So you have to get more done with less, and the right template will help you do just that.

In this article, we’ve curated 40 Push notification templates to up your game, and drive actions from your users wherever they are.

What Is A Push Notification?

Push notifications are short messages that are sent to users in real-time and can be used to nudge them towards an action.

Push notifications are extremely effective to drive traffic to apps and websites. But they must be relevant and engaging and need to be timed properly to drive the action you want.

Push notification templates help you get inspired from the tested campaign ideas and saves time and effort on your part. That being said, you also need to choose the template that best suits your use case and make sure it’s consistent with the rest of your marketing communications.

40 Push Notification Templates To Use In Your Next Campaign

1. Welcome offer

Everyone appreciates a warm welcome while visiting a new place. The same goes for a new user of your website or app.

Here’s what to keep in mind while sending a welcome message:

push notification templates
Source: CleverTap
  • Lead the user to your product section, where they can browse, and hopefully, make their first purchase.
  • Introduce your whole platform to the user while greeting them through a push notification, thus building a bond with them from day one.

2. Signup Campaign

You can send a push notification to the users nudging them to sign up by registering or creating an account. You could add the following push notification templates to convince them:

  • Free shipping to users who have completed the registration process.
Image from CleverTap
  • Ask them if they would like to save their shipping address and preferred mode of payment for easier checkout in the future.

3. Send A Birthday Offer Or Discount

Who doesn’t love a birthday surprise?

Make your users feel special on their birthdays by offering them special discounts and offers. Say, a push notification providing a 15% discount on the new leather shoes.

Image from CleverTap

One small reward on their special day will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Who knows? They might even make another purchase from your company within a few days!

4. Recommend Products Based On Their Previous Order History

Suggest products based on their interests through push notifications to the users. You can use the consumers’ previous purchase history to recommend them similar products.

Image from Yalantis

According to Salesforce, 51% of consumers expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact.

5. Suggest A Weather Related Notification

Providing real-time updates makes the users feel connected with you. Here’s how you can use a push notification to send real-time updates:

  • Send push notifications according to the present weather of the users’ location creates an engaging feeling for sure. Seize this opportunity to promote some of your products as well.
  • The template could look like this: “Looks like it might rain this week! Stay dry with our exclusive Auto Open & Close Umbrella.”

6. Event Or Holiday Specific Push Notifications

Celebrate Christmas or Halloween with your consumers and greet them on these occasions - from “little” ones like National Donut Day to major ones like Thanksgiving. A small effort goes a long way to build trust with your customers!

Image from CleverTap

7. Retention Campaign

Bring back disconnected users by reminding them through push notifications. This will eventually help you to increase retention. Lure them out with exciting deals and exclusive offers.

A push notification targeted at retention could look like “Hey, it’s been long since we last saw you. Did you check out our recent offers and special discounts yet?”

Or, offer a flash sale could do the trick.

8. Post-purchase incentive

After a user has made a purchase from your brand, don’t just end it there. Send a push notification thanking them for putting their trust in you. That way, the user feels special and looks forward to buying from you again.

Image from SmartrMail

9. Tempt Them To Provide Feedback

Taking feedback from users about their experience with you is a crucial prerequisite for future growth.

  • Try to initiate a conversation with the users about whether they’re satisfied with your service by sending a push notification. According to an article of ‘Mmaglobal.com’, it increases the efficacy by 5 to 10 times than it does when people are simply asked to rate the services.
Image from WebEngage
  • According to one research by Izooto, an estimated 67% of customer churn can be prevented by dealing with any issues a customer has right when it happens and the best way to do that would be by sending a push notification.

10. Food Delivery Status

Right after the user has confirmed a food delivery order, keep them plugged in with the delivery status. These are one of the most effective types of push notification. Send multiple push notifications letting them know that their food is now prepared and off to their home!

push notification templates
Source: CleverTap

11. Share Relevant Articles

Let the users catch up with your brand by sending them push notifications reminding them to read your published articles and blogs on relevant topics.

12. Broadcasts Alert

Dispatch push notifications alerting the users whenever you’re going live or broadcasting a segment. Make the users feel like they’re a part of your community.

Image from Gadgets To Use

13. Breaking News Based On Location

You can send push notifications sharing any breaking news in the geographical location of the user.

Image from OneSignal

14 .Ticket Sales Update

Let the users stay updated with your brand programs and events. Inform them whenever the tickets are up for sale, especially if you’re an airline or a transport company.

Image from CleverTap

15. Soundtrack based on Weather

Music apps or websites can kick it up a notch by suggesting their audience soundtracks based on the weather through push notifications. Be it a rainy day or a bright and sunny one, there are always special tracks for your special users. These push notifications can look something like this:

“ What better time to listen to ___ than when it's raining”.

“ Start out this gorgeous sunny day with our curated playlists”.

16. Membership Expiry Alert

Use push notifications to remind the users about their membership expiry dates. You can also give them the option to renew the deal instantly.

membership alert push notification template
Source: Mumble

17. Commemorate National Day Or Month

Thanksgiving or Labor Day, don’t forget to commemorate the national days and months. You could also send special offers or show your curated collection on the eve of a particular occasion.

Image from CleverTap

18. Friend Or Co-Worker Activity

Getting to know the activities of friends on a particular site or app instills a feeling of trust, and can be a great way of spreading word of mouth.

Image from How To Geek

Use push notifications to trigger this reaction since according to the research of HubSpot, 81% of consumers trust the advice of family and friends while making a purchase.

19. Introduce New Features

If a user still has not tried a feature a few days or weeks after installation, send a push notification to remind them and guide them on how to use it.

“Have you checked our new feature? Now you don’t even have to put your address every time you make a purchase”.

20. Review Campaign

The users feel valued by the company when asked for reviews since it implies that their opinion is valued. A review campaign helps you engage your users and find issues to resolve.

Image from EngageBay

21. Keep Users In The Loop

Let the users know the latest updates about your brand using push notification templates.

Whenever you publish a new piece of content, get readers on your website within minutes of publication by notifying them about it:

“ Hey! Check out our brand new article on global warming”

You can also keep your users informed while they’re making an online transaction. Inform them of the approximate time within which they might expect the delivery or whenever there’s any delay in the delivery.

22. E-books

E-books can play a pivotal role to build credibility for your brand. Instead of waiting for users to discover your content, it’s easier if you serve it right to their devices through push notifications.

23. Announcement Of Re-Stocked Products

Keep the users updated with re-stock announcements. Push notifications informing the users about the return of a previous product can definitely up your game.

Image from Twitter

24. Showcasing User Reviews

According to a blog by Invespcro, customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews.

Show reviews on the products the users added to their cart through push notifications. Make sure to keep a couple of things in mind while sending reviews as push notifications:

  • Send positive reviews that can help you build trust with users.
  • Showcase your highest-reviewed products to establish credibility.

“Hey! Have you checked The reviews of the auto open and close umbrella that you wanted to buy? Click here.”

25. Flag potential Security Issues

Make the users feel secure about your site or app. Whenever they make an irregular activity or log in from a different device, ask them “Was this you?” mentioning the details upon clicking the push notification.

26. Display Trending Products

Showcase your top-selling products or widely read blogs sending push notifications to the users. This is also a massive opportunity for inducing FOMO in the users. Use these push notification templates to drive users to make a purchase.

Did you check out our brand new ___ that everyone’s talking about?


You’re missing out on ______.

27. Stock Clearance Sale Updates

While running a clearance sale campaign at the end of a season of festival, boost the program by sending a push notification to the users updating them about it.

Image from PushEngage

28 Limited Time Offers

Rewards rarely fail if you want to attract the attention of your user, especially if they have a short expiry period. Send push notifications informing the users of your short-term exclusive offers:

push notification templates
Source: GetResponse

As stated in a marketing blog of MarketingMag, a recent study of Canadian millennials noted that 68% had made an impulse purchase because of FOMO triggered by witnessing someone else’s experience.

29. Holiday Offers

As per the claim of Statista, holiday shopping e-commerce was projected to increase by 35.8% by the next couple of years. Notify the users with push notifications about exclusive holiday offers, which can save them a few bucks during their holiday spending sprees.

Image from PushEngage

30. Vouchers

Use push notifications to sending vouchers to your users. You can also personalize a coupon using their own name. This can work wonders to instill a sense of familiarity within them.

For instance, one of the push notification templates can be something like, Mark can receive a coupon 'MARK20' which will provide him with a 20% discount on his first purchase.

31. Cart Abandonment Campaign

According to a blog of 99Firms, 4.6 trillion US dollars in retail value is lost per year in abandoned shopping carts. Give the users a quick reminder about their abandoned carts by sending them push notifications. Recovering abandoned carts can help you boost your revenue with very little effort.

Source: PushEngage

32. Personalized messages

According to a Marketing Survey in 2014, 94% of marketing professionals in multiple industries opined that personalization was “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” for meeting their marketing goals.

Image from Hurree

Again, according to Appcues, if 1.5% of users open a push notification, 5.9% of them love to open personalized content.

Sending personalized messages through push notifications can make a big difference, as users

33. Generating A Perception Of Achievement

Everyone loves the feeling of winning. Why not trigger it with your push notifications?

Get your user hooked by sending them push notifications congratulating them for receiving reward points, cash backs, vouchers, eBooks, etc.

“Congratulations on your new voucher by which you’ll get 20% of on your next purchase!!”

34. Flash Sale Campaign

Flash sales entice online shoppers to impulse buy, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. These are usually time-bound and customers need to act fast to utilize the offer.

Image from Moengage

While promoting flash sales don’t forget to dispatch push notifications 48 hours before it begins. This creates an urgency to create enough FOMO while also avoiding giving the users a sense of rushed purchase.

35. Exit-Intent Campaigns

Use the moment the users are about to leave the site as the last attempt to persuade them with a push notification. As per an e-commerce statistic of Sleeknote, it converts between 2-4 percent of abandoning visitors.

Image from CleverTap

36. Free Shipping Campaign

In a study of U.S. shoppers over the age of 18, it was observed that high shipping costs are the primary reason for cart abandonment for online sales. So giving out free deliveries to the customers once in a while and sending them a push notification offering these will definitely lure them to make purchases.

Source: PushAlert

37. Informing players of live events in-game

An increasing number of mobile games are featuring gameplay in real-time. You can use the perfectly timed delivery of push notifications to send real-time game updates to users.

Image from Medium

For instance, teaming up to raid gyms in Pokémon Go, or gathering to go on a game-wide hunt in MMORPGs. Make sure players don’t miss out by sending them push notifications in real-time.

38. Order Updates:

Send an order confirmation notification right after the user places it. Mention the invoice number, mode of payment, product name and quantity, and expected date of delivery.

Image from JMango360

When a purchase has shipped, let customers know by sending a push notification.  For instance, Amazon spiced up an otherwise bland shipping notice by writing customized copies for popular items.

If a user cancels an order, acknowledge it by notifying them about it and ask them the reason behind it as well.

39. Apologies

Stay humble and earnest by apologizing to the users for any sort of irregularities in your services. You could design it somewhat like the following push notification template:

“We’re sorry [we ran out of the product/ your flight was delayed/ the app crashed, etc.] Here’s an offer....”

Image from FrequencyCast

Adding a discount after expressing your apologies, makes it feel more sincere, and shows that this isn’t a common occurrence in your service.

40. Surprise gifts

Inciting suspense compels users to click on the notification and browse your site or app to learn more about it. Hence, sending surprise gifts and packages through push notifications is always an ingenious idea.

Image from iZooto

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to kickstart your push notification campaign and having a hard time finding ideas, our list can serve as a hub of inspiration for you. You can pick from this collection of 40 of the most effective push notification templates and get your push notifications campaign up and running.

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