Monsy's Trust Center.

Our Commitment to Education, Trust & Transparency

Monsy is committed to ensuring we clearly explain how we collect and protect the personal data of our marketers, media companies, and audiences.

  • Interest-Based Advertising + Your Interest Profile

    Monsy uses interest-based, behavioral technology to power its content recommendations.

    A person's journey through our Monsy network is tracked through a simple unique identifier, otherwise known as a UUID. Monsy's algorithms are then put to work, helping readers discover content that's most interesting to them through personalized content recommendations.

    Recommendations are primarily based on:

    • Your browsing history.
    • Similar browsing patterns of others.
    • Generally popular recommendations at that time.
    • Targeting requirements that may be provided or requested by our advertiser partners.

    Providing a deeper look, our readers can access the interest-based data that Monsy tracks at any time through our Interest Profile Portal.

  • Opting Out

    With Monsy, the audience is in control.

    We ensure opting out of personalized recommendations is easy.

    Here's how (in four simple steps):

    • Click the Monsy logo wherever an Monsy recommendation is served.
    • Click Interest Profile within the pop-up.
    • Click 'View My Profile.'
    • Scroll down and click the toggle down to 'Non-Personalized Recommendations.'

    If you see Monsy recommendations on your mobile applications, you can opt-out from those as well. Simply update your mobile device settings:

    • iOS Devices: Settings >> Privacy >> Advertising >> Limit Ad Tracking
    • Android Devices: Google Settings App >> Ads >> Opt Out of Interest-based Advertising

    Two things to keep in mind:

    • By opting out, you may still see Monsy recommendations, though they won't be personalized to you.
    • Interest Profiles are based solely on behavioral data and the platform/browser in use, which can lead to multiple profiles.

    If you want to opt-out of all personalized recommendations directly via Monsy, please opt-out on each device.

    You can also bulk opt-out of all participating companies through any of the below sites:

    Digital Advertising Alliance

    Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada

    European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

  • Compliance Alliances

    From the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Europe to the Network Advertising Initiative, we've aligned with the industry's thought-leading organizations to ensure collective data protection for all.

  • Advertising Guidelines

    Monsy is committed to creating a great discovery experience for people around the world.

    To do this, we've developed advertising guidelines to help everyone understand what can (and cannot) be promoted in our network.

    If you encounter any content that violates Monsy's guidelines or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team.

    View Our Guidelines

  • Global Privacy Compliance

    As the digital advertising space grows and evolves every day, the global rules and standards do too.

    At Monsy, we're growing and evolving with the standards we set for ourselves, as well as regulatory and industry-wide standards set around the world.

  • Privacy Program

    Privacy + data protection compliance is not a point in time exercise, but rather an ongoing journey requiring every Monsy team to come together toward this sustained effort.

    Bottom line: We are committed to the protection of your data.

    Here are a few things to note:

    • Endorse the IAB's Transparency & Consent Framework for securing consent.
    • Support AdChoices and proudly display their logo across all of our units.
    • Verified with the Trustworthy Accountability Group.
    • Brand-safe placements are included throughout our network.
    • Easily accessible opt-out of personalized Monsy recommendations.
    • Interest Profile giving you a view of the interest and browser/device data Monsy may collect.
    • Continued commitment to technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting your data.
  • GDPR Compliance

    Otherwise known as GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25th, 2018, setting guidelines for the processing and collection of personal information.

    Understanding the importance of data security and transparency, Monsy has endorsed the IAB's Transparency & Consent Framework — a meaningful step to obtaining user consent. We have the proper infrastructure to manage consent signals sent from our publishers through IAB-supported consent management platforms. For more information, please refer to our CMP Implementation Guide.

    Feel free to read more about our GDPR initiatives here.

  • Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy makes it easier for you to understand the brains behind Monsy.

    Highlights are outlined below:

      • Easy Navigation: Our native ecosystem is made up of our readers, business partners (both marketers and publishers), and website visitors. Navigate based on how you interact with us.
      • Easy Read: Let's face it, not everyone has a legal degree (and that's okay!) — we've broken down all of the jargon into layman's terms, making them more digestible.
      • Easy Communication: Have questions related to our Trust + Transparency initiative? Want to know what we know? Ask away.


    Reliability is nothing without security. And in order to reliably safeguard data processed and collected by Monsy per our trust and transparency principles, effective security controls, practices and procedures are implemented at all levels across our infrastructure and products.

    From our software development and encryption of data to our ISO / IEC 27001 certification, we're buttoned up! Read more of our security statement below.

    View Our Statement