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Notifications Anywhere and Everywhere

World-wide monetization: No matter where your users are coming from, we respond with targeted ads in any country

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5 Steps to Simple Push Monetization

Advertise Using Push Notifications

Just 1.5% of web traffic converts on their first visit. With Monsy, you can market the other 98.5% again and again after they leave your site

Access High-Quality Subscribers

Reach an audience that has already opted-in to receive information relevant to your brand.

Only Pay for Results

There is no guessing game when it comes to performance. You only pay when the desired action has been completed at the right time.

Brand Safe & Creative Control

Work with our team to develop the right message that appropriately represents your brand on each push notification.

Revenue Generating Tools

Find out how to start using our tools to increase your profits while creating the best user experience for your users.
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Grow Your Revenue by   85% With Our Top Performing Ad Formats

Optimize your revenue with the simple, easy banner floating on either side of the page this placement works on both mobile and desktop delivering additional revenue to publishers.
  • Works for all tiers and devices
  • Best Results on mobile with the highest CTR
  • Top-performing ads for all GEO

What Our Clients Have To Say  About Us 

Sally Austin
Sales Manager - OutReachBin
Ari Murray
Head of Sales - ScheduleSales
Dan Nikoli
Sales Team Lead - VerifyBee
Niha Austin
Sales Manager - Slack

#1 Push notification tool

I was fortunate to have joined Monsy when they were just getting started and have seen this fantastic software evolve. It has been smooth sailing, and they keep building new features that make my processes more straightforward and effortless. Honestly, I am excited to see where Monsy goes because we're along for the journey!

We doubled our revenue with Monsy!

Monsy's customer service is a first-time experience for me. Plus, Monsy has easy-to-use templates designed explicitly for push notifications. I was also able to develop my notifications and personalize it too. Thanks, Monsy!

We are so lucky we've discovered Monsy!

Monsy is a game-changer. The software has a simple UI and is easy to use. It is agile, and the dashboard is beautifully designed. The push notification campaign type option makes Monsy unique. Their customer support is super fast. Overall we are in love with this software!

It was a great experience !

Daniel helped us personalized all the retention activities. We pay a subscription for managed service with a rev-share, and it works crazy for us! We literly, and finally, turned traffic to revenue.
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