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Floating Banner
Bell Notification
In-Image Ad
Stories Bubble

Floating Banner Placement

Optimize your revenue with the simple easy banner floating on either side of the page. This placement works on both mobile and desktop, delivering additional revenue to publishers.
Works for all Tiers and Devices
Best Results on Mobile with the highest CTR
Top Preforming Ad for All GEO
Floating Banner Monsy

Bell Notification Panel

At the top right corner a notification bell appears to shake to grab the users attention. This placement works great to share posts with the user as well as ads that provide higher CTR than traditional placements.
User Engaging ads that show as Blog Updates
Easily Show Ads like they are Content on your website
Control everything in the panel with your own custom posts

In Image Ad Placement

Never before have publishers been able to monetize solely from images on a website. The in-image ad placement gives the publisher the perfect opportunity to make additional revenue where they never knew was possible. Featuring a Banner on top of the image lets users see the ad while browsing images on your website.
Monetize all GEO Locations
Best Additional Revenue Generating Placement
Top Rated Ad Placement of the Year 2020

Mobile Stories Placement

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and know you can have stories on your website with the best revenue generating model. We also allow you to share your own blog posts as stories. This is the most interactive and fun placement ever created.
Top Engaging Ad Placement
Easily Place the Stories anywhere on your website
Manage and Customize the Stories and Ads
Stories on mobile


For Monsy
It’s not just us being hyped about it. See what all those lovely Publishers are saying:
  • Great tools that made my blog over 90 percent more revenue from placements that did not prefrom with traditional advertisments.
    Jordan Butcher, InspireFruit
  • The aim of the blog was to make our users feel connected while serving them fun advertising. I am super excited and happy to reccommend Monsy to all my fellow publishers.
    Carrie Mary Park, Frisky Blog
  • Responsible for the monetization and implementation of ads on our company blog websites, Monsy helped me so much in creating revenue streams. We did over 140k in the first 2 months!
    Peggy Olson, Plenty

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